7 Tips for a Technology Detox

Technology is a double-edged sword and one must use it wisely to get the maximum benefits from it or suffer an increase in stress levels, attention deficit disorders, poor eyesight. It is not as simple as logging into www.ouchclub.com/drug-testing/products/detox-drinks/best-detox-drinks-for-thc for detoxing the system before any drug test. It requires loads of willpower and discipline. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Set a goal: Decide how many hours of the day you will stay off the device or stay on it. it is easier to work with a clear picture of the end result.
  2. Draw a daily use schedule:  Even for those whose work is based on attending to emails and WhatsApp messages, there is a way out. Make a time table for checking your emails and diligently stick to it; it is hard but possible.
  3. Take baby steps: Start by keeping your gadgets away during meal times or while watching a movie, a game night etc. Once you are able to do that your confidence and resolve to stay technology free will improve.
  4. Reward yourself: For all the time of social media and your phone, reward yourself with the company of a good friend or enjoy a sumptuous meal prepared by yourself. Basically, discover the simple pleasures of life.
  5. Keep track of your progress: Your detox journey will see you fail as soon as you begin but do not give up. Log your time on devices on a daily basis; this will encourage you to reach your goal and motivate yourself to stick to your resolve.
  6. Find a new hobby: Your hands will itch to check the latest gossip, news etc. but find a new hobby that will keep you occupied and off the device.

Keep reminding yourself of the drawbacks: Only when you are constantly aware of the dangers will you be able to convince yourself to be technology-free for some time at least each day. …