Secrets to Looking Like an Instagram Baddie in 2019

An Instagram baddie is one who is the coolest and hottest looking individual who can portray great dressing sense, instigate a trend, have perfect features and oodles of confidence. With flawless makeup and jaw-dropping dress sense, these individuals can nail umpteen likes and followers.

Here are a few tips if you want to be an Instagram baddie too this summer.

  1. Makeup is the key: Only layers and layers of foundation can give that perfect flawless skin, so splurge on it. It is essential that you learn the tricks and techniques of contouring and highlighting your face and features respectively. For that dewy look, a mist spray will do the trick. Regarding hair always go for a style that you are most comfortable in even if it is messy or unacceptably curly and unruly – remember that is your diva look.
  2. Don’t forget the lashes: Your eyes should be the focal point in all pictures. To make them the highlight you must rely on eye makeup and gorgeous lashes. Together they will enhance the baddie look manifold.
  3. What’s your angle: Being perfect on Instagram is all about in which angle you look the best. You must do a lot of trial and error to finalize the pose and the angle where you look the best.
  4. Use high-end camera: All smartphones are good no doubt but they cannot match the excellence of digital cameras. If you don’t have a digital camera and your phone must do then invest in a selfie stick because it is all about looking good, there is no compromise there.
  5. Clothes matter: Dress yourself up in the best glam clothes you have and accessorize well-matching earrings, nail polish and with any of the branded bags from Luxtime. And, by the way, don’t forget those high heels.