The Future of Play:  Here’s How Technology Is Changing the Way Kids Play

In the digital age, there is so much that keeps changing. One of the strongest influence of technology can be seen on the toys designed for the kids. As these kids are the future generation who would be heavily reliant on technology for most of the work, exposing kids to applications of technology at an early stage is a good idea. But the key is to ensure that they do not get addicted to technology or feel crippled without it. Kids should be taught to use tech merely as a supportive tool to enhance their productivity.

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Kids create their toys

In the near future kids would be able to design and create their own toys. Today there are plenty of toys that have taken the conventional brick building and DIY toys to the next level. There are DIY kits in robotics which also comes with programmability. This allows kids to write commands and personalize the functionality. And there are websites that create soft toys and action figures from kids’ drawings.

Interactive play becomes a reality

Interactive toys are on the rise. There are friendly robots designed to be used by kids. These can easily understand some basic commands and can answer the questions that a child asks. There are plenty of apps that come with augmented reality that allows kids to better visualize what they are learning in school and also keep them engaged.

Combine learning and play

The toys of today do the job of blending learning and play into one. The toys that make the best use of technology can help kids get better at studies even as they play. …