AI Tech replacing doctors. What do doctors think about that?

Many people argue doctors are the best than AI since they have better clues of the health status of their patients, check for the symptoms and lot more.  However, sometimes with little information on the diseases, the treatment procedure of the patients can be delayed and cannot be treated well.  Here comes the need of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence could be able to diagnose the disease, and it becomes easier to treat the condition.  Doctors usually make value judgments on the disease and try to operate accordingly.  This is not so in the case of Artificial Intelligence in which, it gives the crystal clear and precise information regarding the disease.

Apart from this, AI also enhances manufacturing many advanced products, and it is readily available at WEkratom to improve the health condition of the individual.

AI produces significant results in detecting breast cancer among patients when compared with the profound radiologist. Recent studies have been proved that AI and radiologist are equally good at identifying various illnesses.

Moreover, it is not possible to replace the doctors as AI fails to understand the history of the patients, understanding the emotions, communicating positively to the patients, a method of approaching the patients after the diagnosis of any of the diseases, his passion, and mental setup.

AI can replace the doctors, medical practitioners, chiropractors and a few others in different fields of the pharmaceutical industry. However, it needs enough research and evidence to prove that AI is better than a doctor.  Still, AI can replace specific medical industry including diagnostics but not as a whole.

In a promising medical field, instead of replacing them with AI, it is better to support and provide assistance to treat the various diseases.  Most of the doctor struggle hard to manage the patients, and with the help of AI, it becomes easier to manage and treat patients with enough sustenance and support.

It also helps to reduce the workload of the doctors performing the repetitive task in which AI assist them more encouragingly.  Keep the finger crossed and enjoy the advancement of AI in the field of almost every sector.